How to Get Rid Of Chronic Lower Back Pains

How to Get Rid Of Chronic Lower Back Pains

One disorder that most people suffer these days is lower back pain. According to a study, more than eighty percent of our world's population suffers from the back pain issue. Researchers say that one amongst three people in this world has experienced back pain at least for once in their lifetime. 

Many factors are causes to lower back pain in your body. Some of them are depression, anxiety, stress, job dissatisfaction, aging, obesity, smoking, etc. Simple back pains hardly last for two or three days, maximum a week. But if the pain doesn't go even after a week, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Find The Reason Of Your Back Pain:

Normal pains go away after two-three days, but if is chronic back pain it may continue up to a few weeks, sometimes it remains more than 2-3 weeks. To get rid of this problem quickly, visit your family physician and ask him to diagnose the actual reason behind your back pain issue. As mentioned earlier, there are various reasons for which you can get lower back pain, but you must know about this discomfort, such that you can work on it to get rid of it. Lower back pain exercises can also work great to give you a quick recovery from pains.

But sometimes even the physician fails to dig out the actual reason behind your discomfit. In such cases, there are some common and straightforward exercises or routine that you can follow to get some comfort.

Let Your Muscles Rest:

Sometimes lower back pains may cause because they are not getting enough rest. Your lower back muscles do not only work only when you are exercising or lifting weights in a gym, but the lower back muscles also work when you are simply moving around or bending forward and backward. Your tissues can be healthy, but they also need some rest. So, sometimes a little rest an also help you get rid of chronic back pains.

Make Sure Your Postures Are Correct:

Even bad posturers are responsible for chronic back pains. Correct and good posture is one, that your lower back is a little outward and the spinal cord in slightly curved inward and again a little inward towards your neck. If your shoulders are drooping, pull them up back in correct position. Do not outspread your chest or pull back your shoulder extensively. Check whether your postures are correct or not throughout the day to avoid back pain.

Try Some Simple Stretches:

Apart from resting and correcting your postures, you can also try out some freehand exercises and stretches in your house, without causing any further damage to your lower back muscles. Stretch your hands and shoulders a little and bend forward and backward. Make sure you do not give much stress to your lower back muscles because that can be dangerous.

The best way is to consult a doctor and know all the lower back pain exercises you can take up to getting rid of these chronic pains.  


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