Do you need Vitamin E Supplements?

 Do you need Vitamin E Supplements?

Doctors, Nutritionists, Dieticians, and other health professionals are often barraged with questions related to Vitamin Supplementation and its risks and benefits. As everyone wants to know what's good for them, they want to know everything about what they should take and what should be avoided. Vitamin E Supplements are the most debated topics with popular opinion going in favor of it and other claims going against it. So should you take Vitamin E supplements or not, and if yes, how should you take them and in what quantities?

    The Popularity of Vitamin E Supplements

Oxidation and Free Radical Damage is known to cause aging and can cause harm to our body's vital organs. If not appropriately countered, one may have to face multiple health-related issues. Vitamin E is known to fight Free Radicals and is very popular for its antioxidant properties. Vitamin E supplements also fight cancer and cardiovascular disease. As per clinical trials, Vitamin E is highly beneficial in the prevention and treatment of Cancer and Cardio-Vascular Diseases.

    How Often are They Used

The usage of Vitamin E supplements has seen a rise in recent years. As per surveys conducted on this topic, 30-50% of adults take supplements more than five times a week.

Even Doctors and medical professional take Vitamin E supplements because of its multiple benefits. Because of the advantages of Vitamin E, its popularity is rising with every passing year, and a larger audience has started including Vitamin E supplements in their daily diet.

Vitamin E supplements are strongly advocated for protection against cardiovascular diseases. Studies confirmed that people who were given healthy doses of Vitamin showed up to 60% reduction in heart-related diseases. As for Cancer prevention, Vitamin E also aids that process and reduces the chances of cancer among smokers and people used to substance abuse. This theory is backed up by the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E supplements and how they fight free radical damage.

For sports professionals and athletes, Inflammation is quite a common word and should be avoided as much as possible. Vitamin E supplements are advised to cure this problem, but many studies concluded that even if inflammation was reduced in one area, it ended up being present elsewhere.

The main focus should be on the proper dosage of Vitamin E to avoid any complications in the future. Higher doses of Vitamin E can cause an effect on Metabolism and Cellular Integrity. Most people end up with problems because of the lack of information and resources. For Older People, Vitamin E Supplementation helps in providing more significant levels of Immunity, which are required at that age to combat infections and diseases. One case study showed that Seniors who were being given healthy doses of Vitamin E showed a 15 % decrease in infections such as the common cold.
In short, supplements could be beneficial if you are taking it with the proper guideline and right quantities.
This article is our research; you must always see your GP/doctor before taking any supplements for the best result.
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